How to Fix Teams Meeting add-in is Missing in Outlook Desktop after Updating to New Teams


After updating to New Teams, you notice the following issues: 

  • When you go to the Outlook Desktop calendar to create a meeting, the Teams Meeting button is missing.
  • When you check Outlook Desktop for the Teams Meeting Add-in by going to File > Options Add-ins, then select Go next to COM Add-ins, the Teams Meeting Add-in is missing.

This issue happens if the update to New Teams did not properly install the Teams Meeting Add-in.


The steps below will result in New Teams installing the Teams Meeting Add-in. If you have both Teams Classic and New Teams installed, use Option 1. If you have only New Teams installed, use Option 2

Option 1: Use this option if you have both Teams Classic and New Teams installed.

  1. Switch the Toggle back to Teams Classic.

    New Teams toggle
  2. Then switch the Toggle back to New Teams.

    New Teams switch now

Option 2: Use this option if you only have New Teams installed.

  1. Uninstall the Teams Meeting Add-in by right clicking the Windows Start button and select Settings Apps Installed Apps, then search for the Teams Meeting Add-in.
  2. Click the three dots and select Uninstall.

    Uninstall Teams add-in
  3. Close Outlook.
  4. Close Teams from the System Tray by right clicking on the Teams icon in the System Tray and select Quit.

    Quit Teams from taskbar
  5. Restart New Teams. This will force New Teams to reinstall the Teams Meeting Add-in which should fix the issue. When you see Teams Meeting Add-in in the list of installed apps again, restart Outlook and it should be working again.

Ref: Teams Meeting add-in is missing in Outlook Desktop after updating to New Teams – Microsoft Support