How to Assign the Windows Company Portal Via Intune

To manage devices and install apps, your users can optionally use the Company Portal app. You can assign the Windows Company Portal app directly from Intune using Microsoft Store app (new) apps.


You can choose to install the Company Portal app using the steps below. The Company Portal app will be installed in device context (also known as system-context) when assigned to the Autopilot group and will be installed on the device before the user logs in.

Create and Assign the Company Portal app

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center with your admin account.
  2. Select Apps > All apps > Add.
  3. In Select app type pane, select Microsoft Store app (new) under the Store app section.
  4. Choose Select at the bottom of the page to begin creating an app from the Microsoft Store.
  5. Select Search the Microsoft Store app (new).
  6. Enter the text Company Portal, select Company Portal, then choose Select at the bottom of the page.
  7. Change Install behavior to System, then select Next.
  8. Select scope tags as necessary, then select Next.
  9. To Assign the Company Portal app as a required app to your selected device groups, select > Add Group (below Required) and then select a device group to assign the app. After you’ve created all the necessary assignments, select Next.
  10. Review your settings and select Create.