How to Get Apple Calendar on Windows 10 PC

Apple iPhone users and reviewers often criticise the company for developing a closed ecosystem. Apple’s apps and services like iCloud, Photos, Mail, Calendar, etc. aren’t naively available on rival platforms. To make the situation worse, the company won’t let users change the default apps to other Microsoft and Google alternatives.

The situation is improving. Recently, Apple launched the iCloud web for mobile browsers. So, users can view and access Apple Reminders, Contacts, Calendar, Pages, etc. on Android devices. For Windows users, Apple has released the iCloud desktop app. With that, you can sync iCloud Photos, Mail, Calendar, and even Safari bookmarks to Windows apps.

As for Apple Calendar, there is no direct way to get it on PC. But there are easy workarounds to get things done. In this post, we are going to talk about the top four ways to access Apple Calendar on PC. Let’s get started.

Get Apple Calendar on iPhone


Apple provides a robust iCloud web solution to access the major apps and services. Visit and sign in using Apple account credentials.

I Cloud Web

You can access Apple Notes, Reminders, Mail, Contacts, iWork suite, and of course, Apple Calendar. Tap on Apple Calendar and view the web version of it with events, calendars, and more.

I Cloud web 2

You can change the views to weekly or monthly. You can create new events and add every detail such as URL, Notes, Location, Time, and more. Using the iCloud Web, one can access Apple Calendar on Linux too.


Apple has released the iCloud desktop app for you to sync the iCloud Photos, Mail, Calendar, and more to the Windows computer. It’s a boon for iPhone users opting for Windows 10 on desktop.

First, download the iCloud app from the Microsoft Store. Add iCloud credentials to sync the data on Windows 10. It will ask you to sync iCloud, Bookmarks, Photos, Mail, and Calendar. The app will also display the remaining iCloud storage for your account.

I Cloud Windows

Switch on the iCloud Mail and Calendar sync with Outlook and select Apply. Open the Outlook app on Windows and navigate to the Calendar option from the bottom menu.

You will find the iCloud calendars under the iCloud section in the Outlook app. You can view, add events, decline, and modify every detail of the event from the app.

I Cloud sync in outlook

Download iCloud for Windows 10